Whittier Farms

Five Generations. Five Hundred Acres. One Lasting Commitment. 

Our Story  
This year marks 75 years since our great-grandfather and his brother bought two Holstein cows to start their farm and planted the family roots in dairy. Our farm has grown and evolved from the early days but we remain committed to keeping agriculture alive and well through stewardship of the land and animals, diversification, and sustainability. Our farm dominates the landscape in the western-corner of Sutton, as we farm on two-overlooking hills, bringing a huge responsibility to our family. Land and soil management is a priority as we aim to ensure the viability of our crop land that provides the beautiful view. Over 380 acres of our land is part of the MA Agriculture Preservation Restriction (APR) which protects the land as production agriculture forever. Since 2015, more than 80% of our farm's electrical usage has been off-set by a 150kw solar array installed beside our farm store. In the summer, we increase the productivity of the solar array by trellising  tomatoes on the fencing that surrounds the solar field. Our farm store offers us the opportunity to interact daily with our neighbors, friends, family, and visitors who shop locally to support our farm. We strive to be a great partner of our community in many different ways and to always take the time to answer questions about our farm and agriculture. 
You, our customer, are as much a part of our story as we are. Without you, we have no one to enjoy our harvests. Your continued support of Whittier Farms means we will continue to write this story, together. 

Growers, Producers, and Stewards for Every Season.